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We are mortal

when we receive revelation, from on high, remember we are mortal. what we take away from the message will be shaped by who we are, where we are and what… Read more »

Praying for Texas

Hurricane Harvey has slammed east Texas, and so I am praying for those caught in the storm will be safe, and ride through it. I have several friends in Texas, but understand them… Read more »

Dawn Approaches

The darkness that has drained my energy and stifled my drive seems to be receding. I look forward to the dawn and the opportunity to share some mo my thoughts and… Read more »

Home Church

I want to extend the invitation to any of my local readers who are interested. I and another family have home church once a month and you are welcome to join… Read more »

About page

I am working on the about page for this website and also for the facebook page, as I have had several people wonder what my plans and idea are for this… Read more »

Facebook Page

There is a Facebook page that goes along with this website. you can find it at:

This is the Place

The Look may change but I am pretty happy with how this has turned out so far. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the Movement.